About Us

Big Chillin; relaxing in the laziest form. Big Chillin started up as an idea Charlie, Matt, Nick and William had in December 2019. We started our journey in Boston, MA and started small making only a couple hoodies for friends and family. What we didn't realize is that we were building the foundation for what we are today. A brand that is growing faster than we could have ever imagined. What started as a fun idea is now blossoming into something much much bigger than us. For that we are truly thankful.


We are excited to bring you limited time clothing releases that represents everything we stand for. We have a incredible team that works day in and day out to make sure our product is the best that it can be. The success we have had so far is only motivation to keep going, and we will try to out-do ourselves every opportunity we get. We are excited to keep going and we hope you guys are too.



From everyone at Big Chillin,

Thank you for all the support and always stay Big Chillin.